Dye Sublimation printing provides you with a stunning durable polyester product that won’t crack, fade, or peel. The image is undetectable to the touch and the colors are amazingly vibrant. Advantages to this process include shorter production runs, the ability to produce artwork with a full gamut of colors, and the flexibility to decorate over seams, collars, and edges of garments.  

All-Over Dye-Sublimation

Laser Apparel offers large format dye-sub printing that allows you to print an image up 44x66". This means, among other possibilities, all over printed polyester t-shirts.

Our favorite offering is the Sublivie Blackout by LAT. The shirt has an ash heather imagable front with a black back and sleeves. This shirt provides excellent framing of the front design area, plus the opportunity for screen printing other locations for a dramatic high value look.

One  aspect of all over printing white garments is that the garment can not lay perfectly flat on the press causing small wrinkles. The unavoidable results are random gaps around the sides, shoulders and under the armpits. 

While these gaps are considered acceptable for this process, the Black-Out almost completely eliminates these gaps because the imageable white front surface is undersized allowing the black back and sleeves to create the framing effect.

If you want a true, all-over image, but gaps aren't to your liking, we recommend adding a random distress toward the edges of your design to camouflage the gaps. Our art department is happy and ready to help.

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